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Rockwall and Rowlett’s #1 mobile LED billboard truck

Create memorable experiences for your audience

98% of the adult population will see an outdoor ad every week

Let us animate your ads and make your message stand out with a high quality mobile billboard ad.

If you’re looking to expand your branding in the Rockwall and Rowlett areas, MOD Media offers digital mobile billboard displays over 1,000 times brighter than traditional static billboard advertising. The combination of size, brightness and clarity truly breaks through the advertising clutter. Create memorable experiences for your audience and stand out from the crowd on our mobile LED billboard truck.

We’re captivating crowds with our Eye-catching, innovative mobile LED billboard Truck. This truck has been proven to be one of the most creative ways to brand your business with sharp, cutting-edge mobile digital LED screen technology.

With attractive and vibrant campaigns on our digital display billboards, we are able to grab people’s attention through various formats with video, sound graphics, and even live streaming that has gained momentum in brand awareness and recognition throughout the city.


​Mobile billboards are the solution when your story is trapped in the digital universe, with little or no impact in the real world. Or, conversely, your business has yet to leave its mark in the online community. So what do you do? The answer is mobile billboards. Our brand new high resolution 2022 Mercedes LED Truck will help you create fast campaigns that go live in minutes in image, video or any combination, using 3 screens per advertising truck.


Real Time Engagement

LED billboard trucks allow for real-time dynamic content out in the world. Examples would be daily/weekly #hashtags and user-generated content, placing live updates for conference attendees, posting special photos and messages reflecting a holiday, weather, or live streaming a big event – the possibilities are endless. Increasing engagement is what we do best.


  • Campaign Impressions
  • Brand Identity in the Rockwall and Rowlett areas.
  • User Engagement
  • Foot Traffic
  • Sales!

Cutting-Edge Technology

We’ve combined creativity and technology to fundamentally change the way stories are imagined. LED billboard vehicles allow brands to create customer user journeys through visual storytelling and user-generated content.

How you say it & show it matters. When you see something unique you’ll remember it. MOD Media billboard trucks are just that. An advertisement on our unique mobile billboard truck makes a big statement and leaves a lasting impression, unlike a TV ad or roadside billboard that we’ve all grown too accustomed to. Moving billboards give the client the ability to take their message/advertisement directly to the customer.


Reach, Engage, Impact with Our
Digital Billboard Advertising Truck

23% of people exposed to outdoor ads use their mobile device to search for more information

Billboard marketing appeals to impulse buyers which can increase your marketing share.

At the end of the day, real people spend money, bots don’t… that’s why more and more businesses are choosing the proven strategy of targeted out-of-home advertising. 100% of outdoor advertising impressions are seen by real people. It seems a little crazy to even say that’s a feature, but that’s the so-called “modern” world of digital advertising!

We are a company that focuses not only on customer service, but is also driven by proven results. Our led advertising truck will drive through the streets of Rockwall County displaying your custom advertising message in three extra large high definition screens that are brilliant in the daytime and dazzling at night, playing your audio if necessary.

Statistics show that Mobile Billboards are four times more effective than static advertising. Name Recognition is 15 times greater with Mobile Led Advertising than any other form of advertising. Furthermore, Digital Led Truck advertising has a 97% recall rate, which is unheard of in the advertising industry.